Better Designs, For Better Results 
Pendergraph Machines brings more than 28 years of experience in machine design and integration to provide you the best solutions to meet your production requirments, quality, and budget.
Contact us for your next project and see how our experience makes a difference for you.
  1. Pharmaceutical/Serialization
    Machine and line integration of serialization on existing production lines is very competitive in the industry right now due to the DSCSA push. We are experienced in this area.
  2. Cosmetics/Personal Care
    Cosmetics/Personal Care
    We are a leader in the filling of hot melts in tins, sticks, and jars. Our machines have catapulted some of the most familiar "all natural" brands from local suppliers into global leaders.
  3. Food and Beverage
    Food and Beverage
    Inline and rotary machines are available to fill your shampoos, conditioners, Positive displacement filling with superior accuracy in volume equates to less waste and more profits.
Standard And Custom Designed Systems. 
Pendergraph Machines has several standard machine types but understands that your products are not always "standard" and requires special custom design needs. We're here to work with you through the custom design portions of your project.
Machine Partners and Suppliers
We have partnered with the best machine builders and suppliers of components in the industry to provide the best quality and overall integrated systems paired with Pendergraph Machines.
Pendergraph Machines is an official supplier and integrator of MODU Conveyors. Contact us for your next modular conveyor project.